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Progressing towards the end game content in Blade and Soul had me really interested and originally looking forward to what it would be like, I was hoping that it would be something I would enjoy quite a lot due to how I enjoyed the pre 45 dungeons along with the combat system, you find your self basically doing PvE related things for your PvE gear while being allowed to dabble in Arena PvP at my own leisure, then you discover among hitting level cap that this is one of the 2 ways to actually get your PvE gear...just let that sink in, you need to do PvP, for your PvE gear. is the best blade and soul items and accounts marketplace.all blade and soul players buy and sell goods there.



Various dungeons with progressive difficulty as patches come out. (4man and 6man)

Mushin tower

Newly added 24man raids in KR/CN


1v1 arena

3v3 tag team

6v6 "Battleground" Arathi basin style. Capture towers and accumulate 1800 points first

Bit of both:

Daily quests, all from killing x pigs to clearing hardest dungeon in-game

Upgrading weapon, you need materials from both pvp and pve. If you hate either of them you can still earn gold doing pve/pvp activities giving gold and buy materials from auction house.

World bosses, they are located in pvp zones so expect some pvp to happen. And if you enjoy pvp you can disrupt the enemy faction attempting them.


While slowly going through the general motions of dungeon farming and 24man instance dailys, I found my self getting slowly annoyed at how I was being required to advance my gear during the level 45 content, the only things available to me was Arena spamming against the never ending bot infestation and encountering the odd player here and there, but that aside I generally get fed up of 1v1 PvP after a while, the 3v3 Arena is something that I try to avoid just due to the nature of the odd afkers on a team and having to rely on not getting stuck with the bad team, I would play it sometimes just for the sake of it but if I'm needing to do it for the farming then 1v1 just counts on your own personal skill vs theirs.

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